Welcome to False Colors. This is my artfolio tp showcase all my fanarts and the playground for all my digital illustrations, graphics. The site also contains a couple of freebies for downloading.

28.10.2012.. | long overdue update with new art
It's been a very long time and I have been very busy so I have sadly neglected the update of False Colors a little bit. I wish to rectify this by starting to update all the new art I've made since the last one. There are more which will be updated soon-ish hopefully.
As usual, you can still find all the new wallpapers from the previous update also here.
Brushes/textures used on the wallpapers are from Hybrid Genesis, Rain Harbor and my own.

I am in the process of re-vamping the download page. And hopefully there'll be a few brushes soon-ish

Just a small announcement regarding this site: Due to some health problems with my back and some other RL problems the site hasn't been updated as regularly as it used to be. The site however has NOT been abandoned or anything like that and I'm still doing arts. Just with the pain in the back and the other issues I have not the time and cannot spend as much time doing arts or resources for False Colors.

more convention wallpapers and more fanart

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